dinsdag 26 februari 2013

Met iPad op Pad doet de Harlem Shake

Vandaag ging de klas Gymnasium 3A helemaal los.
Gymnasium 3 is een van de 3 iPad klassen van het project Met iPad op Pad.

Bekijk hieronder de Harlem Shake.

Met Jantje op Pad gaat verder....

Met Jantje op Pad gaat verder en duikt in de lokale geschiedenis in verband met Stolpersteine.

Lees hier over het vervolg van het project Met Jantje op Pad.

Bekijk het startsein van dit project, het boek In Memoriam

vrijdag 22 februari 2013

Pioneering iPad class launches “Dear Me Blog” at St.-Janscollege, Hoensbroek, Netherlands

Fourteen pupils (SG3A) were given the following assignment in October 2012:

“You are going to write a so-called “Dear Me” blog in this first term of school, using your I-Pad. You will be writing a blog introducing yourself. There’s nobody you know better than yourself, right ?! Share your insights today with a past You, or a future You. In this blog you are to discuss your feelings about starting a new school year, what you loved or hated about the previous school year, and what you expect to learn this year. It’s about being honest, real, and true to yourself.”

I am very proud to announce the launch of our “Dear Me Blog”; a digital portfolio.
Have you ever wondered what goes on in a fourteen-year-old? Fourteen pupils give you insight into their world and share their writing with a global audience. And you know what ? We can all learn from it ! We hope you will check out our individual “Dear Me“ blogs and leave us a so-called tag review:

T         Tell something you like
A         Ask a question
G         Give a positive suggestion

We hope to see you soon !

Mrs. Sangers-Keuren